Steve NoMad fell in love with the rap game at age 15. Artists like J. Cole, Biggie, and Drake amongst many others inspired him to be free and truthful to himself, allowing him to bring his own authentic energy to his songs. Through their music they taught him that its okay to take chances and just be real and raw with his lyrics. "Music allows me to become an inventor. I just feel free. The ability to express my feelings through paper and pen is just so surreal. It became my escape from my harsh realities. It soothed me when nobody else could, and it never lied to me." Those words straight from Steve NoMad describes the emotional connection he has always had with music. This young star is one of the newest additions to the MESSFAM ENTERTAINMENT artist roster and has gotten amazing feedback from industry executives, media forums and fans! Be on the look out for new releases coming soon by Steve NoMad!