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As of January 31st, 2018, over $300 million in education is to be cut, according to Governor Roselló’s budget plan, and at least 222 public schools have been closed due to excessive damage, with an additional 300 school closures in the Governor's proposal. This will have a grave impact on the lives and futures of a great amount of children, teachers and their families. Consequently, because of the school closings, there have been an average of 40 students per classroom, making it difficult to give students the attention they need.

Messfam and Helping Hands for Puerto Rico are helping restore a park, renovate a school, gather new school equipment, furniture, materials and supplies for donation to schools belonging to the Instituto Nueva Escuela.

With your assistance, we will clean and restore an abandoned park in Aguadilla, PR, supply children with educational essentials they deserve (such as; backpacks, journals, erasers, pencils, pens, crayons, water bottles and nutritious foods), and help equip teachers with materials needed.

We want to ensure students are receiving the best education that can be offered by helping restore one of the many schools that have already been closed in part with the Instituto Nueva Escuela.

Additionally, the 1st annual Puerto Rico P.R.O.U.D. Festival will be curated for the youth , filled with inspirational music from local musicians that motivates children and families to persevere, expressing that through our collective strength and effort Puerto Rico will prosper. This will be both a grand reopening of the park that has been closed due to the storm, and a back to school event for residents of Aguadilla and Isabela.

Never Forgot

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